Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Axis hunts

I do have an axis herd started.  They will be available to hunt by bow or rifle by end of this year. I will have doe and buck prices out by mid summer. Why travel outwest or down south when you can hunt one right here in central Texas

Lake Bastrop Fishing report---- Majority of the spawn is over. Good numbers of fish being caught on rock out in front of the grass. Some fish have already moved offshore. I expect excellent schooling activity this summer  Lake Bastrop black bass schooling activity is lights out. I cant think of another lake that has this kind of activity in the summer months. Awesome lake to book a trip on.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Hunting/Fishing Update

Technology  When it works its great and when it doesn't your crippled. First blog I have been able to post in a good while.  Yellow cat fishing on the river is good. Bass fishing the river remains strong.  Turkey season ends this Wednesday May 30.  I do have an axis herd started and they will be ready to hunt by bow or rifle by the end of this year.