Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014/2015 Hunting season

Bow stands are up and I am now feeding. Season starts September 27th. Book it now

Doves   I had a ton of birds back in June. However we have had three somewhat powerful and freaky cold fronts in July and August. As of this post my birds are gone. That can all change with one big weather system. As soon as they show I will blog and facebook to get the word out.

I also offer evening rabbit hunts in December January and February.

Ducks.  Tons of grass in river. If mother nature will push the birds down duck season will be awesome.

Turkeys  Damn I have them Bastrop county is April only and a one gobbler county.  TPWD needs to change our bag limits.

Bass fishing  Colorado river. February thru May are the best months to catch real good quality on the river. Lots of 3-8 lb fish caught during these months.

Bastrop's only fulltime year round guide service  Bobstailguideservice

If you want to hook it stick it or shoot it   I have it


Monday, August 18, 2014

2014/2015 upcoming archery only season day bow hunts

Day bow hunts Bastrop county.  My stands My corn. I put you in I pick you up and help you find your animal. $50 sit fee for morning hunt and $50 sit fee for evening hunt. Doe $200 kill fee. Un branched buck $400.  Legal buck up to 130 B&C  $750  up to 139 B&C  $1000  up to 149 B&C $1500 Anything  at or beyond 150 B&C $2,000. I will score all bucks and all scores are gross. Most of my hunts are 2-3 hours. Most stands are ladder stands. I have a few chain on stands that go in tight places. I will clean your kill if you want me too.

My deer counts are done and as of this post I am mailing them into TPWD for doe tags

By December I will have axis doe available by bow or rifle. Doe are $400.

Pig hunts available year round. $100 to go and $25 a pig  Need 3 days notice minimum

All ranches are located in Bastrop county


Dove season 2014

As of this post the birds I had have moved south. Yes I said they have moved south. We have had 3 freaky mid summer cold fronts and they were just strong enough to push on the birds. I am hoping we have some more weather before the season starts. I will blog again as soon as I see them.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Water and Woods

Colorado river fishing is good  Bass are stuck tocover in dead water  Riffles with rock can be productive with square bill crankbaits  in a yellow belly . Topwater bite is good as well. Beating the heat is the hard part.

Lake Bastrop fish are still schooling. They are finicky now. Really have to watch the size of shad they are on and match it.

Bow season starts September 27th   I offer day bow hunts for whitetail and axis doe. $50 sit fee  Plus kill fees on all animals  white tail doe $250   Axis doe $400.  My stands My corn. I put you in  I pick you up. I will also gut skin and quarter your kill. Pig hunts available year round. $100 to go $25 a pig  I will clean sow pigs under 150lbs.  Boar hogs and big sows  your own your own.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outdoor Update08/07/14


Getting married to the best woman in the world this Saturday. That explains the lack of my blogging.  I cant wait.

I am very excited about the upcoming dove and archery only season. I have several ranches loaded with game for this year. Dove season opens September 1, which is a Monday and Memorial day. As of this post I do have some open spots for opening day.The second weekend is booked full. I charge $40 a gun. You cant beat that price anywhere.

Bow season opens September 27. My stands My corn  I put you in  I pick you up  I help you find your kill and help you clean it if you like. $50 sit fee.  Kill fee on all animals. Doe are$250 and bucks start at $400 and go up.  Pigs are $50 a piece and lord I have them. I have three ranches that I will offer rifle hunts on for bucks only as this county has antler restrictions and doe can only be taken in the archery only season unless TPWD grants me some MLD tags for doe.

Deer---  Best fawn crop I have seen in 10 years. I have seen more twins than you can shake a stick at. Almost every mature doe has a little one with her

Fish---  Lake Bastrop bass are schooling hard and will continue as long as the hot weather and bait hold up.

Colorado River---  Most fisherman are struggling  Hot weather and  shallow water is tough unless you can cast to cover. I am still catching big numbers on top water and square bill crank baits with yellow bodies. This river trip is tons of fun. My river and lake trip half days are $300. I provide everything including water and cold fried chicken.

If you want to experience the outdoors I have it and can put you on it