Saturday, October 18, 2014

Colorado river bass fishing is on fire

The river dropped and cleared a bit about 3 weeks ago. Cooling temps and clearer water have the spotted bass on a feeding frenzy. We have been catching stupid big numbers and quality up to 7 lbs . Now is a great time to book a trip. Any runoff from a rain will slow if not kill this bite.


Ps  I saw more ducks today than I have ever seen this early. If the fronts keep coming our duck season will be awesome

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Colorado River fishing on fire

The river is right. There are huge numbers being caught. This is a great trip for kids or experienced anglers who just want to beat on the fish.  Any runoff from rain will kill this bite. Call now for a fun trip.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014/2015 Duck season

Duck season is fast approaching. I am taking bookings now. Ducks are not here thick yet, but with each front they move closer and closer. JUst posted TPWD waterfowl regs on my Facebook page. Opening day is November 1. That's also opening day rifle season and I am booked solid


Monday, October 6, 2014

Bow Season update

Bow season is in full swing. Most of my hunters have had success. Our older bucks have peeled away from the younger bucks. My guess is one more cold front and we will see the front end of the rut starting, which is unusual and early, but mother nature and her weather drive that activity. It is a welcome sight. I have plenty of animals and stands. Check my website for pricing. Call to book a hunt.

Axis will be available by the end of the year. I'll have prices out by mid December. I should have 20 plus trophy axis bucks beyond 30 inches. Plenty of axis doe and  24 Elk and some Fallow.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Technical trouble

Opening morning of Bow season and I have washed my phone. It is dead, dead,  dead.  If you are interested in a hunt message me on Facebook or call my wifes phone  512 644-3314

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014/2015 deer season

Below is my updated price list for the upcoming deer season.

$50 sit fee per hunt regardless of kill
Doe $250
Un branched buck $350
Legal buck of 13 inches or greater inside spread out to 130 B&C $500
Legal buck  up to 139 $750
Legal buck up to 149 $1,000
Anything  150 and beyond is $1500

Pigs $50 a piece

I measure all bucks and all scores are gross scores

Opening day I have a couple spots left. Second weekend I have 4 spots left. Weekdays I am more flexible


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ducks and doves

If mother nature will send us winter a little earlier than she did last year, our split dove season and all of duck season should be excellent. The river is holding a ton of grass. The last rise was not big enough to rip the grass up. I have seen some northern birds that broke and ran south off the last front we had. We need two or three more and the migration will be good and steady.


Ps  I also offer rifle hunts and have a few MLD tags for doe

Bow Season is upon us

I have a couple spots open for this next Saturday, opening day.  My hunters will not be disappointed with the effort I have put into this. 8,000 lbs of corn down 14 stands 9 feeders. I am loaded with deer and pigs.  Come and get it.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day bow and rifle hunts

I now have 10 feeders up and running with 10 bow stands on them on one ranch. Five of those also have box blinds on them. I also have 5 stands on another large ranch that are hand fed each day. If you don't have a lease or are just getting into bow hunting, give me a try. My success is your success. The only ways you wont get a shot are if you get busted or miss, because I have the animals.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/09/14 Outdoor update

Bow Season--- Starts September 27th. I have the animals. These are day hunts either morning or evening or both. $50 sit fee per hunt. Kill fees on animals. Doe $250. Bucks start at $400 and go up to $2,000

Pigs--- I offer pig hunts year round. Need several days notice. $100 a man and $50 per pig killed

Turkey-- Bastrop county is a one gobbler county  April only. Last season my hunters took 17 gobblers in the month of April. I have the birds and this upcoming season looks promising. $250 per person

Dove--- As of this post I don't have many dove in. However, all it takes is one good cold front and things can change fast.  So watch my blog or watch my Facebook page for updates. I charge $40 a gun.

Duck--- If mother nature will act right and send cold fronts in early we will have tons of birds to hunt. I hunt the river and two large private lakes. $250 per person

Rabbit----  Last year was incredible and this year looks to be just as good. $100 a man 3 hour hunt

River fishing---- The Colorado river thru BASTROP is off colored as of this post. Fishing is slow.  However it will clear and February thru June will produce big numbers and excellent quality. Numerous 5lb to 9lb fish will be caught March April and May.

Axis--- Our animals will be ready by bow or rifle by December   Pricing coming

If you want to hook it, stick it, or shoot it give me call


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Deer and Hogs

Bow season is close. My stands are up, and I am feeding. All you have to do is show up and hunt. I take care of the rest. From stands to corn, to finding your kill, and cleaning it. $50 sit fee kill or no kill. Kill fee on doe is $200. Bucks start at $400 and go up. I also have axis doe available by bow or rifle by December. Axis doe $400.  I have pigs available year round. However its a bit more pleasant to hunt them in the cooler temps. I need a few days notice on pig hunts. Watch my blog for updates on dove and ducks.


Dove report

Opening two days of dove season in Bastrop county were some what slow. My hunters all took birds, but very few limits. I have heard of a few spotty limits being taken in central and northern parts of the county from our local game warden Drew Alexander. With each day the birds become more scarce, and this trend will continue until we have several good cold fronts. I am farming day hunts out to a friend in the San Marcus area as of today. He has good numbers for now.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014/2015 Hunting season

Bow stands are up and I am now feeding. Season starts September 27th. Book it now

Doves   I had a ton of birds back in June. However we have had three somewhat powerful and freaky cold fronts in July and August. As of this post my birds are gone. That can all change with one big weather system. As soon as they show I will blog and facebook to get the word out.

I also offer evening rabbit hunts in December January and February.

Ducks.  Tons of grass in river. If mother nature will push the birds down duck season will be awesome.

Turkeys  Damn I have them Bastrop county is April only and a one gobbler county.  TPWD needs to change our bag limits.

Bass fishing  Colorado river. February thru May are the best months to catch real good quality on the river. Lots of 3-8 lb fish caught during these months.

Bastrop's only fulltime year round guide service  Bobstailguideservice

If you want to hook it stick it or shoot it   I have it


Monday, August 18, 2014

2014/2015 upcoming archery only season day bow hunts

Day bow hunts Bastrop county.  My stands My corn. I put you in I pick you up and help you find your animal. $50 sit fee for morning hunt and $50 sit fee for evening hunt. Doe $200 kill fee. Un branched buck $400.  Legal buck up to 130 B&C  $750  up to 139 B&C  $1000  up to 149 B&C $1500 Anything  at or beyond 150 B&C $2,000. I will score all bucks and all scores are gross. Most of my hunts are 2-3 hours. Most stands are ladder stands. I have a few chain on stands that go in tight places. I will clean your kill if you want me too.

My deer counts are done and as of this post I am mailing them into TPWD for doe tags

By December I will have axis doe available by bow or rifle. Doe are $400.

Pig hunts available year round. $100 to go and $25 a pig  Need 3 days notice minimum

All ranches are located in Bastrop county


Dove season 2014

As of this post the birds I had have moved south. Yes I said they have moved south. We have had 3 freaky mid summer cold fronts and they were just strong enough to push on the birds. I am hoping we have some more weather before the season starts. I will blog again as soon as I see them.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Water and Woods

Colorado river fishing is good  Bass are stuck tocover in dead water  Riffles with rock can be productive with square bill crankbaits  in a yellow belly . Topwater bite is good as well. Beating the heat is the hard part.

Lake Bastrop fish are still schooling. They are finicky now. Really have to watch the size of shad they are on and match it.

Bow season starts September 27th   I offer day bow hunts for whitetail and axis doe. $50 sit fee  Plus kill fees on all animals  white tail doe $250   Axis doe $400.  My stands My corn. I put you in  I pick you up. I will also gut skin and quarter your kill. Pig hunts available year round. $100 to go $25 a pig  I will clean sow pigs under 150lbs.  Boar hogs and big sows  your own your own.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outdoor Update08/07/14


Getting married to the best woman in the world this Saturday. That explains the lack of my blogging.  I cant wait.

I am very excited about the upcoming dove and archery only season. I have several ranches loaded with game for this year. Dove season opens September 1, which is a Monday and Memorial day. As of this post I do have some open spots for opening day.The second weekend is booked full. I charge $40 a gun. You cant beat that price anywhere.

Bow season opens September 27. My stands My corn  I put you in  I pick you up  I help you find your kill and help you clean it if you like. $50 sit fee.  Kill fee on all animals. Doe are$250 and bucks start at $400 and go up.  Pigs are $50 a piece and lord I have them. I have three ranches that I will offer rifle hunts on for bucks only as this county has antler restrictions and doe can only be taken in the archery only season unless TPWD grants me some MLD tags for doe.

Deer---  Best fawn crop I have seen in 10 years. I have seen more twins than you can shake a stick at. Almost every mature doe has a little one with her

Fish---  Lake Bastrop bass are schooling hard and will continue as long as the hot weather and bait hold up.

Colorado River---  Most fisherman are struggling  Hot weather and  shallow water is tough unless you can cast to cover. I am still catching big numbers on top water and square bill crank baits with yellow bodies. This river trip is tons of fun. My river and lake trip half days are $300. I provide everything including water and cold fried chicken.

If you want to experience the outdoors I have it and can put you on it


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day Dove Hunts Bastrop

I have one tract that has good numbers of birds. $40/gun   5 gun minimum  12 gun max.  Opening day is Monday September 1 and it is booked


Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014/2015 deer season

Bow season will be here before you know it. Rumor has it the season will open September  27th this year. However TPWD wont publish anything until Aug 15th. I offer day bow and rifle hunts. Book your spot now. The first week will fill fast.


PS  I always have pigs for any of you pig hunters

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fish---- Deer----Pigs

Right now we are getting a good soaking rain. River will muddy and rise for sure   Channel cat will be on fire during the rise.

Lake Bastrop fish are schooling better everyday. They are a bit finicky on what they will eat, but I have the bait.

Axis---- Our axis will be ready to be harvested by bow or rifle by December at the latest

White tail--- Bow season is my favorite. Nothing like pulling them in stupid close for a good shot. Lord I have the animals.  Most of what I have is a meat hunt, but you cant beat my prices compared to anything else that has the success rate that my hunters have. Opening weekend will be booked  by August. So call now if you want a spot.

Pigs---  I got them thick. I feed them into two spots we sit in the brush and ambush them. Sometimes they ambush us. Makes for a real good time and damn good eating


Monday, July 14, 2014

Lake Bastrop and River Update

Lake Bastrop fish are off their normal yearly pattern   Cool summertime temps and a new well dug that is pumping cold watrer into the discharge have kept the main lake temp at 92 to 93. Still warm enough for them to school but not warm enough for them to go crazy. I see good activity from 9 to 11 and from 6 to dark in very selective places  Great fun if you book a trip

Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14 Lake and river update

Colorado river in Bastrop----- Last Thursday I had a river trip, and we went up river 12 miles. Clarity was just average. However, the crankbait bite was slamming good. The grasshoppers are mature, and the fish no it and are feeding on therm. Small yellow bellied square bill cranks is what they want now. We had 111 fish in 7 hours.  This bite will remain strong as long as we don't have substantial rain to muddy the water.

Lake Bastrop----- Schooling activity is picking up everyday. Don't waste your time beating the bank. Grab a spoon, small crank bait, or small Alabama rig and go offshore. Lately the fish seem to be up for an hour or two and then they are done. But with each passing 90 Plus degree day this activity will increase. My half day trips on the river or the lake can be very productive this time of year.

PS    I have tons of pigs for any of you that like to hunt them.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lake Bastrop update

As of this post schooling activity on Lake Bastrop is good and will get better. I see way too many guys beating the bank and grass. Yes there are a few fish up shallow but most have followed the shad offshore and are now gorging themselves on a non stop buffet line. Some days the fish are not on top, but they are still offshore. Use your electronics to find them. A half once Cotton Cordell spoon works best. Take the factory hooks off that bait and replace them. You will hook up a lot more. My half day trips this time of year can be slamming good.

Pigs---- Damn I have them and can put you on them. $50 to go  $100 for first pig and every pig after that $50.  Usually hunt from 6:30 to 10:30.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Wow  We have not seen persistant rains like this in years. It will sustain plant growth for the deer which will give us better antler growth for this upcoming season. The rain and mild temps make it easier on our local nesting morning doves to hatch their babies and raise them.  Rain will muddy the river and make the catfishing excellent.

Lake Bastrop---   The schooling activity has started. It will continue to get better every day especially on sunny low wind days.  Call to book a trip.

Fish hard  Shoot straight


Friday, June 20, 2014

Lake Bastrop fish have started schooling

It has started as I projected it would. About 9:30 the bass started their annual schooling. Today was slow, and with every hot day that goes by more and more fish will join in.   There is not abetter time to book a lake trip with me than right now. Lake Bastrop fish school better than on any other lake I have ever seen

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lake Bastrop update

Lake Bastrop fish are very close to a full blown schooling pattern. Side scan and down scan have been showing tons of suspended fish. This same pattern happens every year when our fish leave the grass.  They will suspend for a week to three weeks, then it happens. Some of the best schooling activity if not the best in the state is about to start. My prediction---  Next day that we have little or no wind there will be schoolies to be caught. I am watching them closely.

Fish hard   Bob

Lake Bastrop update

The bass on Lake Bastrop are in a transition period right now. They are moving off the grass headed offshore. There has been some schooling activity as of this post. Windy days will knock the schooling activity down until the majority of these fish are offshore and feeding hard. Good electronics and knowledge of spoon fishing is what you need this time of year. I offer full,half, and evening trips.

Fish Hard    Bob

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014/2015 Deer season

I now have 3 really good ranches with excellent numbers of doe and some good antlers for the upcoming bow season. Two of those ranches I will have rifle hunts on when the general season opens, and I should have some MLD permits for doe. I can accommodate 20 hunters a day. Opening weekend is always full. So , if you want a spot, I am taking bookings now.  I give my hunters the best possible chance to harvest an animal. Your success is my success. I give my hunters 2-3 hours in the morning and the same in the evening. $50 sit fee kill or no kill per day. Kill fees on all animals including pigs. You will save a ton of money hunting with me rather than paying for a lease, fuel, corn, stands, food, and so on.

Axis will be ready to hunt by December. Our pricing on these animals has not been set yet. I will only have doe available this year.


6/15/14 River update

Last rains brought the river up a couple feet. It got muddy and the channel cat turned on real good. River is falling now and will stay stained for a while. Bass fishing on river will be slow until we get some clarity back. The grass is growing like crazy, and I predict that the river will not be navigable before the end of summer barring some large rain event that brings us a big rise.

Fish Hard  Bob

Friday, June 13, 2014

River update 6/13/14

1.5 inches to 2 inches rain fell last night about midnight. I expect a small rise in river of 2-3 ft by late afternoon in Bastrop.  Time to sack the channel cat up. Fish the rise and you will kill em. Dug up milk worms from the river bottom are best on a muddy rise. Fish shallow gravel bottoms along weed lines and get ready to clean a mess of fish.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Colorado river fishing update 6/11/14

The river has cleared up pretty good. Last storms missed us. If you have any pitching and flipping skills this river trip is for you. Most of the fish are buried up in the shade. The spots are still thick on rock with moving water. Book a trip with me before the river grasses over. You wont regret it.

Fish Hard


Jet drives and Grass

Anybody that has had a jet drive motor understands that grass is a huge problem. Jet drives suck grass in, and  you loose power.  Some say take the grates off. This works well for a short time. When your grates are off the impeller chews the grass up and spits it out. However, with the grates off the motor can suck rocks and other debris in that can badly damage your impeller and scar the housing to a point you loose performance.

After talking with several mechanics and a lot of different guys that run jets in grass, I may have found a solution.  I took the grates off my jet foot. Then I put them on a grinder, and finally on a knife sharpener. Instead of putting all 9 blades back in, I only put 3. I was totally surprised how well it did in big mats of grass.  The sharp edge on the blades helped break the grass down before it got to the impeller, which in turn made it much easier for the impeller  to chew and spit it out. I am now able to run long stretches of matted grass without loosing power.

Give it atry. You wont be disappointed


Monday, June 9, 2014

2014/2015 deer season

Deer season will be here before you know it. I have 3 ranches loaded with good numbers of white tail. My stands , my corn, I put you in and I pick you up. My hunts are very affordable and very successful.

Axis will be ready to hunt by end of year.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/08/14 River update

River through Bastrop is still a bit stained. Hot daytime temps have pushed the bass very tight to cover.  We are stillcatching good numbers and quality, but you have to have some good pitching and flipping skills if you want to catch these river fish right now.  Fished Webberville and up yesterday. We had 30 fish up to 5 lbs, but we worked very hard to catch what we had.

Lake Bastrop--- Fish are very close to schooling and most have moved offshore. I here a lot of guys saying," What happened to the bite"   The bite is still there. Most fishermen wont follow the fish. They get stuck in the rut of this worked last time so it will work this time.  Wrong.   Water temp on Lake Bastrop dictates what the shad do which dictates what the fish will do. Current surface temp is 90 degrees, and that is the number that will push the shad off the grass and the fish will follow. A good guide with good electronics van put you on them

Fish Hard 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lake Bastrop Monday night Touneys

Lake Bastrop Monday night tourneys.  Registration 5:30  We start at 5:55 and you have to be inside the North shore buoys by 9:00  PM  Entry is $40/team. Very fun and relaxing 3 hour tourney

Fish Hard  


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lake Bastrop report 6/03/14

Lake Bastrop surface temp is 88-90 degrees as of this post. The lake has warmed 10 degrees in 10 days. The bass are moving off the grass fast. If you want to catch Lake Bastrop fish start looking deep, especially in the heat of the day. Early and late you can catch em shallow. Ourschooling activity is about to start. When the water hits that 90 degree mark, the shad really start moving out and the fish are with them.  It takes local knowledge of the lake and good electronics to find the big schools in deep water. Carolina rigs and spoons are the best way to target these deep fish. I offer half day trips and 3 hour evening trips for one or two people.

Fish hard  


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pig Hunts Bastrop county

Pigs   I have them and they are thick. I feed them in on two different spots  I set you up in brush or blind depending on the wind. Then we whack em  Ill gut skin and quarter your kill . I will not clean big boar hogs as the meat is just nasty. $50 sit fee regardless of kill or not. $100 for first pig and $50 for every pig after the first one.  Tons of fun and damn good eating.


Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/14 river update

Nice soaking rains are falling as we speak. The river will surely muddy up in the next day or so. Channel cat and yelowcat fishing will be real good. For all you guys that hole fish, most of our big females are in the holes now. I do offer rod and reel trips for channel cat as well as over night yellow cat trips.

Big Fish tourney is next weekend Friday 30 --- June 1  Call me for details

Fish hard

PS  Lake Bastrop is on fire. I am catching real good numbers on light Carolina rigs just outside the grass and on rock out in front of the grass

Thursday, May 22, 2014


River in Bastrop is clearing fast. The bite is back on. Rain is forecast for Monday and Tuesday which could possibly muddy the river again. Grass is my main concern. The river will not be navigable within 6 weeks without some substantial rises.

Big Fish tourney is May 30,31, and June 1  Call me for details

Fish hard  Bob

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lake Bastrop Report 5/20/14

Black bass on Lake Bastrop are excellent. Surface temp is 76 degrees which is cooler than normal due to the power plant not generating as much. A light Carolina rig with any finesse bait in any shade of green will sack them up. Fish are on the edge of grass and on rock in front of the grass. Not many fish have moved offshore yet. The schoolies will show up, but I really think it will be much later this year than in past years as the water is just not warm enough to drive the shad and fish offshore. Lake Bastrop is a great lake for numbers. I offer full,half, and evening trips. Call,text,email, facebook oir check my website for prices.

Fish hard BOB

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pigs and Axis

If its pigs your after I have them. $100 for first pig and $50 for every pig after the first one.  I have them fed into two different spots. Most of my hunters take them with AR's or AK's , but with a little notice I can set up a bow shot. Its getting hotter and the pigs are moving later and later.

Axis,  I have a herd started on a big ranch in southern Bastrop county. Our doe are dropping first round of babies now. This herd will be ready to hunt by end of this year by bow or rifle. Contact me for pricing


Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/17/14 River update

The river in Bastrop has dropped back down to normal flow. It is muddy but clearing fast. Channel cat are good on rod and reel with milk worms fished in moving water with gravel bottoms. The rain we had knocked the water temp down about 10 degrees. It will warm fast with 90 degree temps as far as the weather man can see. Grass remains our biggest problem. It is at the surface and growing fast. Its just a matter of time before the river grasses over and is not navigable. Large rises in the river are the only thing that will help.

Fish hard     Bob

Friday, May 16, 2014

2nd annual Big Fish River Tourney May 30- June 1

May 30,31, and June 1 is the second annual Colorado River Big Fish Tourney.  Six Categories

1 Yellow cat
2 Channel cat
3 Black bass
4 Spotted bass
5 River Perch
6 Gasper Goo

You may enter as many or as few categories as you wish  $40.00  per category.  You can start fishing at 5 pm May 30 and this tourney ends June 1 at noon. I will have scales open from 10 to noon on Saturday the 31 st and from 10 to noon on Sunday June 1.  All fish must be caught by hook and line.  No trapping No hand fishing. All TPWD laws and regulations must be followed. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Kayak teams welcome, but you must stay within sight of your partner.  A team is as few as one person or as many as your boat can legally handle. We will except dead fish. I have been around a while. Don't bring me some 5 day old bloated decaying crap.  You will get disqualified.  The heaviest fish in each category will win all the prize money entered into that category. Boundaries  FM 973 bridge in east Austin to the I 10 bridge in Columbus.  This deal is pretty much on the honor system. We don't like or want cheaters and are pretty damn good at sniffing them out. I don't make anything from running these deals.  I actually loose a little money putting these things on. I just like to see good fish caught on a competitive level, and our river is very under utilized. For questions or paying entries email call text or facebook me.

Bob   Fish hard  and Live Long

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Upcoming 2014/2015 deer season

For all you bow and rifle hunters, I now have 4 real good tracts to hunt. My hunts are very affordable and my hunters success rates are is as good as it gets.  Yes its mainly a meat hunt but I do have some very good antlers taken every year. My prices have changed a bit. Check my website out for those changes. I also have an axis herd started. First round babies are on the ground. These animals will be available to hunt by bow or rifle by end of this year.Why travel and pay thousands of dollars for a lease,food,fuel,corn, and stands.   I have all you want right here in Bastrop 21 miles from the airport. I have the pigs and have changed pricing on them as well. I just need 3 days notice in order to insure you a good chance of taking at least a pig if not 10.


5/14/14 River update

The river in Bastrop came up about 3.5 ft. as expected. Channel cat fishing was slamming good on the rise. River has been falling all day and will be at low flow by mid day tomorrow. rod and reel catfish will be good for a few days until river clears. You just gotta know where to go and what to look for. My rod and reel trips are cheap $100 a man for 5 hours. My bait My rods if you want them and I clean your fish.


Monday, May 12, 2014

River and Lake update

Currently the river thru Bastrop is slightly stained. Bass fishing remains strong on the river. The spawn is all but done and the river fish are very tight to cover. Texas rigged green plastics and top water baits are best Yellow cat on limb and sack lines remains strong baited with live river perch. Don't waste your time buying perch or getting your perch from a tank. These yellows are usedto the river perch and those perch are used to the water and current and will stay alive longer.

Lake Bastrop   Black bass are very good on Carolina rigged finesse baits. Topwater bite is good as well. The shad are a few weeks away from moving off the grass and staying offshore.  When the shad make their move the bass will be right with them, and the annual awesome schooling activity will begin  on Lake Bastrop.

Any of these three trips are real good and tons of fun. I am good with kids and enjoy working with them. Call email text or facebook me to book a trip

PS   Axis are dropping first round of babies. We should be able to hunt them by end of year

Fish Hard   Bob

Thursday, May 8, 2014

5/8/14 River update

Colorado river in Bastrop is a little stained. The bass are about 80% done with the spawn. Numbers are good for those anglers that have good pitching and flipping skills as most of the fish are tight on cover.  Yellowcat fishing remains strong with good numbers showing up and size.  The grass in the river is exploding. Without good rain to make the river rise, I expect our river to be one big grass mat by mid summer. Hopefully the weather man is right and we get a 3-5 inch gully washer today.

Fish hard


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Axis hunts

I do have an axis herd started.  They will be available to hunt by bow or rifle by end of this year. I will have doe and buck prices out by mid summer. Why travel outwest or down south when you can hunt one right here in central Texas

Lake Bastrop Fishing report---- Majority of the spawn is over. Good numbers of fish being caught on rock out in front of the grass. Some fish have already moved offshore. I expect excellent schooling activity this summer  Lake Bastrop black bass schooling activity is lights out. I cant think of another lake that has this kind of activity in the summer months. Awesome lake to book a trip on.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Hunting/Fishing Update

Technology  When it works its great and when it doesn't your crippled. First blog I have been able to post in a good while.  Yellow cat fishing on the river is good. Bass fishing the river remains strong.  Turkey season ends this Wednesday May 30.  I do have an axis herd started and they will be ready to hunt by bow or rifle by the end of this year.