Thursday, September 26, 2013

Animal retrieval

It happens every year. No matter how good we think we can shoot sometimes the animal jumps the string or moves on you as you release your arrow. None of us want to leave a tasty animal laying, especially after spending the time the money and the preparation that is involved with bow hunting. Those of us that do hunt understand what I am saying. Sometimes those horid movements cause bad hits and the animal makes a run that all of us have experienced. We know the animal will expire, but it may be a mile or two into it.  Our human eyes are good, but not nearly as good as the nose of a good dog.  I have a friend here in town that has a 4.5 year old Leopard dog that can find em even if you and friends have trampled the scent line. He is reasonable inside the county. His price goes up as he has to travel further. So, if you have one hit that you need to find, call me, text me or facebook me, and I will get you in touch with him


Hunters Harassment Act

This law was put into place to protect the rights of Hunters in the state of Texas. It has teeth.  Class B misdemeanor. Last year me and my hunters were harassed multiple times by nosey tree hugging neighbors on the tract behind Walmart. It is perfectly legal to bow hunt. Both game wardens are fully aware of everything I do, because I make them aware. Now I am being harassed by another nosey tree hugging neighbor on my other day lease. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Thats why I posted it here, since you dont have the balls to call me. Land owner is aware, game wardens are aware, owners agent is aware. Other than those three entities its nobody elses business.

Bob Jenkins

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day bow hunts Bastrop county

Day bow hunts available. 5 minutes form downtown Bastrop. $150/day  Just bring your bow. I have already done the rest. I have the animals. Why pay thousands for a lease when you can hunt a coupkle days with me and get the meat you want.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Bow Season 2013/2014

I have had three cancellations for opening weekend. So I have room now. If you have never hunted my day leases this is what to expect. You will see deer. You will have them in bow range.If you dont get a shot its your own fault, because I have spent the time and money feeding these animals in close. My stands My corn. I put you in I pick you up. I help you find and clean your kill. I provide a lighted A frame cleaning station on a slab with water. When you leave me, you leave with your meat. I dispose of the guts,hide, and carcass. Look around. Nobody can beat what I am offerring for $150/day. AND I have a ton of animals hitting the corn hard. I have seen 9 shooter bucks with three of them Pope and Young range. Call,text,or Facebook me if you want a hunt for opening weekend.

Bob  512 718 4516

Friday, September 20, 2013

River and rain

As we all know its raining and it couldnt have come at a better time. As of this post the hillcountry has seen the brunt of the rain with wide spread4-7 inch totals so far. Looks like there is a lot more coming. This is Texas, and it seems the only way we can break a drought is with a flood. So let it flood. Hopefully we will get some 3-5 inch totals east of the interstate before this rain event is over. This rain will do me some good. It will make the winter grasses grow and give the deer an excellent browse. It will flush the river out correctly, not like the poor attempt LCRA made earlier this week. This week front that is coming in now has moved some birds down as well. While feeding bow stands yesterday I noticed a good number more birds, and several large groups of white wing. I bird hunt the same tract I bow hunt. So for you bird hunters, you will have to wait until my bow hunts slow down.

Let it rain rain rain


Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15 River update as I see it

LCRA released water a few days ago with several intentions.  Flush the river out below Austin, preserve the ecology of the river and send fresh water down to Matagorda east and west bays. Water is here and Matagorda's bays will see some relief because of it. However, the relase of water wasnt nearly enough to flush the river out. I just posted another video on Facebook to show the problem I see. Hyacinths are floating everywhere, but a lot of them are simply hanging up on the banks, limbs, and log jams, creating huge piles of them. The duck weed has gone untouched. None of it has broken loose. LCRA has brought the river up about 2 ft in Bastrop, which is a joke if they actually had intentions of flushing the river out. All they have done is create a much bigger mess. I know water is in short supply, especially in central Texas, and letting any water out of Travis is not good, but LCRA made this decision not me. I just wish they had done it right instead of just spreading all this crap around.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Water and catfish

Should have mentioned this in my last post.  A big rise means really good catfishing. If the river comes up as LCRA says it will, this is the time to go rod and reel fishing for channel cat. The fish go nutts on a rise. Dont matter if I book a trip or not, you can bet this redneck will be sticking them .


Water is here now

I made a mistake in my last post. LCRA released that water today. It will continue til Septemeber 17 at which time LCRA will ask the state for some exemptions to maintain the ecology of the river below Austin. So if you live my way, and you like our river, please speak up.  Again if you live along the river I would pick your personal items up that are along the bank.  If what I am being told is correct an 11 ft. rise will be seen in Bastrop by tomorrow. I will update this info as I see it for myself. I trust no governemnetal agency to give me any correct info.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Water is coming

The verdict is in. LCRA  will release water out of Travis and Buchannan to save the ecology of the river below Austin and to keep the bays in Matagorda in check.  Yes it will drop those lakes at a faster rate. But this needed to happen bad. Tubers and canoers are discouraged to float our river. The locals cant or dont want to fight the grass to fish. It has truly changed the river as we know it. It has hurt my business bad.

I dont have all the info I need to make this post exactly correct.  However, from what I am told LCRA will release enough water to push the level in Bastrop to bank full for 5 days at a time. Bank full is 14 ft.  We currently sit at 2.85 ft. Simple math says we are looking at an 11 ft plus rise next week. If you live on the river, you better pull your crap up a bit or it will be gone. My biggest worry now is with the amount of grass we have and knowing the amount of water LCRA is sending down stream, will we have a major log jam in the river. I think thats very possible. Time will tell.  Again I have to say I am always here to pull people off the river that are in trouble. Yes it will cost you. But I can get to you 24/7 within 30 miles of Bastrop either way  512 718 4516. I am a lot faster and a lot cheaper than calling LCRA rangers or game wardens. This rise will catch a ton of people off guard, because nobody pays attention to river conditions.

PS   Been watching deer and bow season looks real good.  Just because you cant make opening weekend, doesnt mean I cant put you on a kill. I have tons of animals. Hunt with me two days, and if you havnt slung an arrow you hunt free the 3 rd day.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Desperate Need For Water

This prolonged drought we are in is really starting to show its teeth.  Lakes Travis and Buchannan are close to hitting all time lows with no relief in sight and central Texas growing rapidly. This afternoon LCRA discussed the possibility of releasing more water out of Travis to sustain the rivers ecosystem below Austin and sustain the ecosystem in Matagorda's bays where the river empties into. I think TCEQ is playing a big role in LCRA's decision.

I do not believe the average person has any idea of how bad things would be if Buchannan and Travis dried up, but on the flip side the river below Austin is as bad as its ever been. So ,  what do we do. Save the water for upstream users or let it go to save our river and bays downstream. My opinion does not matter. Never has Never will.   The only thing I can say is everybody better pray that mother nature unleashes a TEXAS size flood real soon.


Upcoming 2013/2014 Bow season

My stands are up and I am feeding and watching. My doe numbers look good and I have seen 9 shooter bucks, 3 of which are real good and one of them is a big nasty freak. I have 1 maybe two spots open for opening weekend. I dont know of anybody that can beat what I offer  for the price I charge.

My doves have been beat up. Most of the local birds have been thinned out. Bird hunting will be slow until we get several cold fronts in to bring some northern birds down.

Duck season should be slamming good this year. Grass everywhere and the birds love it. Grass is so bad it has chewed up my impellar and the housing. Going to stainless steal on the next one.

Get ready for stickin time


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dove season

Opening day was good. We had about 80 birds taken. Went back out yesterday and it slowed down a lot.  These are all local birds, and when they are shot up, we are done until we get some cold fronts to push some northern birds down. Bow season is getting close. Call now for a spot