Saturday, September 27, 2014

Technical trouble

Opening morning of Bow season and I have washed my phone. It is dead, dead,  dead.  If you are interested in a hunt message me on Facebook or call my wifes phone  512 644-3314

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014/2015 deer season

Below is my updated price list for the upcoming deer season.

$50 sit fee per hunt regardless of kill
Doe $250
Un branched buck $350
Legal buck of 13 inches or greater inside spread out to 130 B&C $500
Legal buck  up to 139 $750
Legal buck up to 149 $1,000
Anything  150 and beyond is $1500

Pigs $50 a piece

I measure all bucks and all scores are gross scores

Opening day I have a couple spots left. Second weekend I have 4 spots left. Weekdays I am more flexible


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ducks and doves

If mother nature will send us winter a little earlier than she did last year, our split dove season and all of duck season should be excellent. The river is holding a ton of grass. The last rise was not big enough to rip the grass up. I have seen some northern birds that broke and ran south off the last front we had. We need two or three more and the migration will be good and steady.


Ps  I also offer rifle hunts and have a few MLD tags for doe

Bow Season is upon us

I have a couple spots open for this next Saturday, opening day.  My hunters will not be disappointed with the effort I have put into this. 8,000 lbs of corn down 14 stands 9 feeders. I am loaded with deer and pigs.  Come and get it.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day bow and rifle hunts

I now have 10 feeders up and running with 10 bow stands on them on one ranch. Five of those also have box blinds on them. I also have 5 stands on another large ranch that are hand fed each day. If you don't have a lease or are just getting into bow hunting, give me a try. My success is your success. The only ways you wont get a shot are if you get busted or miss, because I have the animals.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/09/14 Outdoor update

Bow Season--- Starts September 27th. I have the animals. These are day hunts either morning or evening or both. $50 sit fee per hunt. Kill fees on animals. Doe $250. Bucks start at $400 and go up to $2,000

Pigs--- I offer pig hunts year round. Need several days notice. $100 a man and $50 per pig killed

Turkey-- Bastrop county is a one gobbler county  April only. Last season my hunters took 17 gobblers in the month of April. I have the birds and this upcoming season looks promising. $250 per person

Dove--- As of this post I don't have many dove in. However, all it takes is one good cold front and things can change fast.  So watch my blog or watch my Facebook page for updates. I charge $40 a gun.

Duck--- If mother nature will act right and send cold fronts in early we will have tons of birds to hunt. I hunt the river and two large private lakes. $250 per person

Rabbit----  Last year was incredible and this year looks to be just as good. $100 a man 3 hour hunt

River fishing---- The Colorado river thru BASTROP is off colored as of this post. Fishing is slow.  However it will clear and February thru June will produce big numbers and excellent quality. Numerous 5lb to 9lb fish will be caught March April and May.

Axis--- Our animals will be ready by bow or rifle by December   Pricing coming

If you want to hook it, stick it, or shoot it give me call


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Deer and Hogs

Bow season is close. My stands are up, and I am feeding. All you have to do is show up and hunt. I take care of the rest. From stands to corn, to finding your kill, and cleaning it. $50 sit fee kill or no kill. Kill fee on doe is $200. Bucks start at $400 and go up. I also have axis doe available by bow or rifle by December. Axis doe $400.  I have pigs available year round. However its a bit more pleasant to hunt them in the cooler temps. I need a few days notice on pig hunts. Watch my blog for updates on dove and ducks.


Dove report

Opening two days of dove season in Bastrop county were some what slow. My hunters all took birds, but very few limits. I have heard of a few spotty limits being taken in central and northern parts of the county from our local game warden Drew Alexander. With each day the birds become more scarce, and this trend will continue until we have several good cold fronts. I am farming day hunts out to a friend in the San Marcus area as of today. He has good numbers for now.