Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dove hunts

I do offer dove hunts. $40/man  However, I dont have large numbers  of birds in right now.  I do have another outfitter in San Marcos that has a ton of birds. He charges $80/man for up to 10 guns. This place will fill very fast, so if you want on it, call me now.


Monday, August 26, 2013

River update/Bow season

I spent 5 hours on the river  yesterday and the day before. As I continue to say the grass is out of control. Bass fishing on the river remains slow. The only way we are catching any fish right now is a texas rigged brush dropped in the deepest cover you can find. I need some cooler temps. That will help the bite on the river. The grass will be a major problem until we get a flood or winter temps knock the grass back.  I had 3 different hoses on my motor blow off yesterday from sucking grass up in my jet foot. Lake Bastrop remains the best place to catch numbers. However, it too has been a little slow lately with all the cloud cover we have been getting from the upper level low in the gulf. By Wednesday we should be back under high pressure and the schooling activity should pick up.

Bow season is all but here. As of today, I have one big tract to hunt, but am working on two others. Stands are up and I am feeding. Book now to save a spot. I am almost full for opening weekend unless I can get another tract.


PS  Dont forget about Duck Season.  The only thing all this grass in the river is good for is bringing tons of ducks in. Duck season will be slamming good.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lake Bastrop Schoolies

The schooling fish on Lake Bastrop remain very good. Best times to go are from 8 am to noon and from 5 pm til dark. Midday they tend to shut down. dont be afraid to show them different baits, as these fish have been getting hammerred by anglers. I posted a pic yesterday of 3 fish on one alabama rig. If they are up good and staying up, multiple fish onan A rig can and does happen. One thing I have noticed is that these fish will school hard for a day or two and then they seem to take a break for a day. Another words its hit and miss when you can find em thick. This is an excellent time to call and book a trip. 4-6 hours for one or two people $300. Its worth your time and money to experience some excellent schooling activity.


Monday, August 19, 2013


This past weekend there was some kind of paddle boarding event held on the river. I hear they had a good turnout. However, some of them decided to trespass on the Higgins tract on Lovers Lane. The owners agent is not happy to say the least. The game warden has been called and we will find out who was in there. I put this on Facebook because Facebook does get out in front of a lot of people. Someone is bound to know who went in there with no permission. If you know who it was please call me  512 718 4516.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

River courtesy

I had to bring this topic up. As a kid when I ran this river there were no tubers, kayakers,canoers,  or paddle boarders. Bastrop has grown and with growth comes new things. Those new things are people from all walks of life. They like to tube, swim, paddle board, and canoe. I think its great for our community. But with growth problems are sure to follow.  I really dont want anyone to take what I am about to say the wrong way, but it has to be said.   The local guys that run this river have been on it for years and they know it like its their backyard. We cant shut a motor down in grass or a riffle.  This river is shallow and rocky and now with the drought the grass limits where we can run. I just want and ask that everybody on the river have a little respect for the guy behind you.  Too many times I have been in a tight spot, knowing I cant shut it down without ripping my boat or motor up just to have a swimmer, canoer, kayaker, or paddle boarder not make an attempt to move out of the only path I can go. Motors are loud. People can here us coming from a quarter mile or better. That is the only warning we can give them because of the twist and turns the river makes.  When I can safely shut down to not wake people I will, but there are times that the river does not allow that to happen. I am happy to see so many people get on this river. It has always been under utilized. Just take a little time and think about the people around you while on the river whether you are floating or driving a boat. Its a lot safer if we all look out for each other.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fishing with dad

This past Monday morning I loaded my 70 year old dad up and went to Matagorda. The weather looked like it was going to lay and make it flat. That didnt quite happen, but our trip, I will never forget. Monday afternoon we got into some good numbers of trout in east bay with some short reds. Tuesday we tried to get into the surf but the wind just wouldnt let us. So, we went back to east bay on the west side northwest side. It too was slow. Dad kept on my butt about making a drift by a very small platform that we were near. I kept on my path of drifting grass breaks. Finally, I said to myself, what the hell, lets go where dad says to go. The very first drift we made, dad hooked into something large. I could see the excitement in his eyes, but at his age this fish was kicking his ass. I turned the video camera on and started videoing. That video is something I will keep with me forever. It was a 22 inch red, which may not seem like much to most people, but that one fish brought the kid out in a 70 year old man. That one fish made our entire trip and made dad so happy. I will never forget it.  The video is on my facebook page for any of you that want to see it.


PS   Bow season is getting closer

Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Bow season

Bow season is 7 weeks away. I offer day bow hunts  $75 for a half or $150/day. My stands,my corn. I put you in. I pick you up. Will help you find your kill and I offer a lighted A frame to clean your animal on.  I think my hunters success rate is as good as any day lease you will hunt. My animals are wild. No protein. No genetics. No high fences. Just real hunting. I hand feed each stand everyday prior to opening day. If you havnt hunted with me, you should give it a try. I dont take money just to stick you in a tree to look at nothing. I work hard on my stand sets and feeding to make sure you have the best possible chance at success. My weekends fill up fast. Weekdays are easier to get a spot. I am taking bookings now.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Lake Bastrop report

The schooling fish remain strong on Lake Bastrop. Best time to whack em is about 8 am to noon. Cloudy days they stay down. If you havnt fished schoolies you are missing out. Its a sight to see. My email is back up and running. I am also on Facebook. Call now for a great trip on Lake Bastrop