Sunday, March 31, 2013

Topwater bite gets silly

Yesterday I took a good freind out for some fun fishing. We had sunny skies and extremely clear water about 13 miles down river. We struggled to catch the 20 or so we caught.

Today I had a half day trip with one fisherman. I took him up river 12 miles to water that is very difficult to get too. The cloud cover moved in and the topwater bite got absolutely stupid. We whacked em really bad. You could hook one and have several more trying to eat the bait out of the one you had hooked. I had a small fish on and had a gar come up and eat the fish right off my bait. Cloudy days right now can be phenomenal for topwater


3/31/13 river update

The river is getting awfully clear. Extremely clear water makes these fish very tough to catch. You have to find water with some stain or color in it and it does exist. Deep water with big timber or the water directly below the mouths of some of the creeks that feed this river are very productive spots right now. We need some rain. The river has way too much grass and moss in it for being this early in spring. A good rain will flush the river out and I believe make the fishing even better


Monday, March 25, 2013

Lake Bastrop Monday nighter

Fish seem to be showing up in grass in better numbers on Lake Bastrop. We had 6.17 lbs on 5 keeprs and won the Monday nighter tonight. As we see more and more warm days the grass bite will just get better, but no lake bite can compete with what I have to offer on the river.  If you want a really good trip, excellent scenary, good numbers of fish caught, and just a really good time, you need to book a half day trip on river with me. You wont regret it.


Big Fish Tourney

Dont forget about the big fish tourney on the Colorado river May 25,26,27. There will be 6 categories and scales will be open each day. Call or email for more details


Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Turkey season

Spring Turkey season is right around the corner. I do have some good old fat gobblers.  Look at my website for pricing and call or email to book a turkey hunt


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lake Bastrop update

I have fished the Monday nighter on Lake Bastrop the last two weeks. It has been brutally tough to find small keepers. Last night and the Monday before it only took 3 keeprs to win. So, when you get fed up with lake fishing call and book a river trip with me.  You will be very surprised what lives in this river. These river fish dont see the pressure that the lake fish do. The scenary on the river is much better than on the lake.

Also, I do not run guide trips on Lake Bastrop or any lake for that matter. But I do have good freinds that are very experienced guides to take you just about anywhere in the state. Just call or email me.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 16, River Tourney results

1st place   Ken Anderson and Carl Clardy    18.50 lbs
2nd place  Bob Jenkins and Robert Wiley 12.67 lbs

Our turnout was low due to many different reasons, but the guys and gals that showed up caught a ton of fish and we all had a really good time at weigh in. Ken and Carl found the gold mine fishing about 40 miles up river. They really had a nice sack of fish. They  caught  most of their fish on whacky rigged senkos in the mouth of a creek. I will post some pics at weighin shortly

River trip Frdiay report

Friday I had a couple guys that really knew what they were doing. We went up river about 12 miles and these guys absolutely whacked em. We lost count around 80 head. Had an excellent time with them.

The reason these guys whacked em is because they had excellent casting skills. If you cant cast to cover you just wont catch a bunch of fish. I do love working with kids, but their numbers are almost always down for casting reasons. So, we just keep working  and practicing.

Friday, March 15, 2013

3/14/13 report

Yesterday I had a mother and her two boys ages 10 and 13. We went above Webberville and fishing was slow. The boys still had a great time just experiencing the entire trip. The rain we got a few days ago has the river a bit stained , and I am sure the rain water cooled the river off a bit too. I saw a bunch of vacant beds and several beds with males on them in areas of big hydrilla mats. Fishing up from the house today with two very big boys. Will report back tonight


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yesterday's report

I had Rick Zamora with me yesterday on river. He is the owner of Krippled Kritters bait company.  Water was stained from the much needed rain we had a few days ago. Fishing was slow. We worked hard for the 40 head we caught, and almost all of our fish  came off the Krippled Kritter brush hog. If you havnt tried Rick's bait, you should. He beats anyone on price and can make any color you want. Visit him at

Tomorrow I have a trip with a mother and her two sons. I am headed way up river to fish some hydrilla mats. Will report back tomorrow night or Friday.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

New bait company Krippled Kritters

I have a freind who started a new bait company here in Bastrop. He is making the brush hogs and finese worms and a few more baits. He sells them much cheaper than what you will pay for them in store. I have all his price and bag info. Just send me an email, and Ill flip it to you. Owner is Rick Zamora with Krippled Kritters Plastic Baits  "Baits So Wrong They Gotta Be Right!"    My river fish absolutely eat his brush hog up. They eat it so good, that I am constantly calling him for more.


Yesterday on river

Yesterday I had a father son combo from Hondo, Tx. Miles brought his 13 year old son, Chase, with him.They were absolutely awesome to fish with. However ,we had 20 mph south winds and cloudy conditions. These river fish are not like the lake fish. River fish want the sun out probably because of how shallow the river is. That coupled with the fact that most of these fish are about to explode made fishing tough.Nevertheless, we went up to Webberville and started chunking buzzbaits. Our numbers for the day were down,by my standards, but we had some very exciting blow ups and hook ups on topwater. I noticed some vacant beds like a few of them had spawned out. Still everything we caught had full mature egg sacks in them. I take a lot of kids on the river, and I have to say that Chase hung in there like a champion. That boy stayed on the front with me and never took a break. He made cast after cast after cast, sometimes hooking up, sometimes missing, and sometimes nothing. I havnt had  a 13 year old with the desire and patience, that I saw in this young man. He reminded me of me when I was his age. I had fun just watching him. Posting a pic of him with a fish shortly .

Reminder--- River tourney this coming Saturday. Need all entries in by Friday evening. You can call or email me for entry form.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Good day with good people

About two months ago I donated a river trip to the SCI event in Austin.  Natahn Nelson bought this trip for more than it was worth. I dont know Nathan and have only talked to him by phone and email. But I did talk to Rick Welch about Natahn Nelson. Rick is head of the SCI chapter in Austin. Nathan has heart and mind that we should all follow. His goal from what I can tell is to help soldiers wounded or not,vets,firemen and policemen to be financially able to experience the outdoors in ways most people dont. Nathan  generously donates fishing and hunting trips to the people that give their lives everyday to protect you and me.  Nathan obviously understands what the outdoors does for the soul, and he from what I understand is one of the most deserving people in this country.  He bought my river trip and gave it to two deserving men. Their names were Trevor and Jeremy.  We fished today for about 6.5 hours. The morning was slow as I told them it would be. But by 1 o ' clock the bite picked up and Trevor and Jeremy began whoopin on the big spots.  We had about 45 head and Jeremy finished the day with a solid 5 Lber. We released all the big blacks and kept a limit of spots as they are so yummy in yo tummy.  Fishing is good right now, but when the spawn is over and it gets stinky hot, it will get silly.  You need to brave the heat and come with me because those 100 fish days are staring us in the face.  Heat makes fish go to cover and the topwater bite is on. But a big Texas rig in deep cover can make your heart dance that time of year.


PS   Put a kid in the outdoors and make this world a better place