Sunday, October 20, 2013

10/20/13 River update

Last week we had a big rise on the river , and it crested around 20 ft.  As of today the river has dropped to rock bottom low and is clearing fast. I believe it will clear enough to bass fish within a week barring no more rain. Fall bass fishing on the river can be dynamite. A few ducks have shown up, but we still have a ways  to go before the bulk of our birds get here. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013/14 Duck Season

TPWD has the zone maps and bag limits posted on their website. Bastrop county is in the north zone. Season starts Nov.2-Dec. 8  and picks up again Dec 21- Jan 26.

Bag Limits are as follows

6 total birds in the aggregate
No more than
5 mallards (2 hens)
3 wood duck
3 Scaup
2 Redheads
2 Pintail
2 Canvas backs
1 "dusky" duck

All other species not listed the limit is 6 except for coots (15)

For more detailed info about the upcoming duck season visit TPWD's website


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14/13 Outdoor update

Wow  We needed the rain and the river took a huge flushing. Its no secret we have the biggest cold front so far approaching now. The front should hit this evening between 7-8 PM with the wind turning to the north and very heavy rain forecast. Behind the front we will see lows in the low 50's and a high Wednesday in the low 60's.  My best guess is that we will begin to see some early rutting activity behind this front. Moisture and cool temps usually turn them on. So far this season has been slow, but the quality has been good. I expect several animals to be taken with hunters in Wednesday and all weekend.  Dont forget about duck season. This river is a sleeper. It draws the birds in every year. As soon as the river drops and clears I will be checking all the spots I duck hunt and start  brushing blinds in.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lates river info update

LCRA now predicts the river in Bastrop to crest at 23.4 ft. Local officials are saying it will be higher. Predicting these rises is never easy and rarely correct. 23 ft is flood stage. The crest will most likely hit between 9 am and 1 pm tomorrow. I loose my road at 27 ft.  Looks like a really good rise and an excuse to slam the channel cat in the yard.


Drought to Flood Updated river info

This an update to my earlier post. LCRA still says the river will crest at 15 ft here tomorrow. However they dont gauge creek water very well at all. 15 ft is considered 1 ft above the bank full.  I just got word from some local officials that they believe it will crest at 21 ft tomorrow morning. 23 ft is flood stage and its still raining. Regardless if its 15 ft. or 21 ft., if you live on the river go pull your crap to higher ground or it will be on its way to Matagorda tomorrow morning. If I get new info I will continue to update this post.


10/13/13 River update

Very heavy over night rains in central and south Austin have caused major creek flooding in those areas. Barton creek is expected to crest above the 15 ft. mark which is higher than the 1981 memorial day flood mark. Onion creek is 6.5 ft above flood stage now and rising. Bull creek is at or above flood stage. The Colorado river at the Hwy 183 bridge is currently at 29.98 and rising. LCRA has just issued its forecasts for the crest on the river in Bastrop at 15 ft. tomorrow morning barring no more rain. It's still raining here hard. LCRA has never been able to forecast what Wilbarger and Big Sandy will contribute to the flow of the river because they dont have the gauges available. After living on this river all my life I believe the river in Bastrop will crest somewhere between 17 and 21 ft. tomorrow morning. This will cause some minor flooding of low lying areas onlong the river. This can change with additional rain, and I will update this post after LCRA comes out with their 11 am forecast, and after I get good rainfall totals on Wilbarger and Big Sandy.  Too bad all this rain didnt land in the Lake Travis and Buchannan water sheds.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Outdoor update

The river below austin caught some good rain and rose about 6.5 feet a week ago. This really flushed the river good. Almost all the Hyacinths and about half the duck weed went down stream. There is still plenty of duck weed for duck season, and the birds have just started to show up, tho the majority of our birds wont be until the second duck season starts. The river is now low and clearing fast. The black and spotted bass should be biting really good. Big rain expected this weekend may muddy the river and slow the bass fishing down. Bow season started very slow with heavy rain over opening weekend which also gave these deer a good browse to work on instead of corn. In the last few days the deer seem to have gotten their fill of rye and other sweet grasses and are back on the corn. If you have oak trees, you still have an acorn problem. Time and moisture will cure that problem. We had a really nice 11 point with a 3 inch drop tine taken yesterday evening. My bow hunts are mainly a meat hunt, but I do have some very nice antlers to be had. I now post most of my pics on Facebook.