Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30/13 River report

The river in Bastrop is stained, and as I have been saying the grass continues to grow out of control. There is so much grass in the river that the river level is up more than a foot above normal. If it will clear bass fishing will pick up, and floating grasshoppers under a cork can be deadly on channel cat.  I just hope LCRA does something very soon about the grass. Its as bad as I have ever seen it.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lake Bastrop fish on fire

The fish on Lake Bastrop are schooling bigtime. I have fished other lakes when they school, but nothing compares to what is happenning on Lake Bastrop right now. Excellent numbers being caught. Fish are on top executing shad. It wont last forever. Call now for a very fun and exciting trip on Lake Bastrop

PS   My email is down. So call me at 512 718 4516


Monday, July 22, 2013

Lake Bastrop on fire

The schoolies are up. This is a great time for beginners or kids to catch fish. These fish are not up everywhere and they are not up in the same place each day but they are up. You just gotta find em, and I have been 5 out of the last 6 days.   This will not last long. Call now to get on them.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

River and lake comments

The grass in this river is beyond anything I have ever seen. It is changing the flow of the river. Its changing the way i fish the river. I am told that LCRA is looking at the grass issue hard and what to do about it, but like any governmenatl agency there will be no quick fix much less a timely fix. We need a flood to open this river up.  Thats not likely either.  It did come up a bit with the rain we had, but I noticed the water from the creeks took 12-18 hours longer to get here. This is due to the grass. Its so bad that it is almost damming the water up in places

Lake Bastrop         The schoolies are up, and they are a ton of fun to catch. This is a great time to bring the kids out or beginners to catch numbers. These fish are pushing shad to the surface and they will absolutley blow the surface up. It wont last forever so call me now for a really good exciting fun trip.


Putting a kid in the water or in the woods does more for society than any governmental agency we have

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/16/13 River update

The river in Bastrop remains clear. We did not get enough rain or run off to muddy it. The grass remains out of control, and I believe is the main reason for the river level being higher than normal. Bass fishing remains good.  Great numbers being caught with a handful of 3-5 lb fish.

Bow season is sneaking up on us. I have two large tracts to hunt. Going to scout a 426 acre tract on the river west of Bastrop this afternoon. I will be dropping stands in late August and early September. I am already taking bookings for bow season.


Monday, July 15, 2013

River drowning

While I was in Matagorda taking some time off, I got a call that a young man fro Lockhart drowned in the river. I dont know all the circumstances around how this young man drowned, but its becoming a frequent occurrence on the river. I see kids jumping off the dirt cliffs between my place and fishermans park all the time. The river is low and when you jump from a 20 ft cliff into this river you are asking for trouble.  No life jackets are the biggest reason people drown out here. Current and grass can be a bad situation for anyone to get into, and this river has plenty of both. People get tangled in the grass and panic sets in. Panic will drown you.

Enough bad stuff. I had a ton of fun in Matagorda. Fishing was just fair, but it was nice to get away. Much needed rains have set in. The river will surely get muddy in the next few days, which will end the bass fishing for a short while, but make the catfishing excellent.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Todays catch

I had Miles and Chase with me today. This was their second time to fish with me.  Chase would have stayed all day if dad would have let him. That boy loves the fishing. Our numbers were fair, but Miles had the big catch of the day with a fish bumping the 5LB mark.   Our river is clearing and the bite is good. However,  you must be able to cast to cover. Casting in small holes under branches behind rocks, side arm, back arm, and pitching and flipping are a must if you want to catch big numbers. As long as mother nature makes no drastic turns, I see the bass fishing staying hot.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

7/6/13 river update

Bass fishing on the river has picked up bigtime. We had a late season cool front come thru, and it dropped our night time temps in the river bottom to around 60 degrees. This helped cool the river down and clear it up, and the fish love it. The bite is on.  Now is a great time to whack em on the river. It may not last real long if we get a bunch of 100 Plus degree days. So call now.  I have a full day trip on river tomorrow and will report back tomorrow evening.