Thursday, August 15, 2013

River courtesy

I had to bring this topic up. As a kid when I ran this river there were no tubers, kayakers,canoers,  or paddle boarders. Bastrop has grown and with growth comes new things. Those new things are people from all walks of life. They like to tube, swim, paddle board, and canoe. I think its great for our community. But with growth problems are sure to follow.  I really dont want anyone to take what I am about to say the wrong way, but it has to be said.   The local guys that run this river have been on it for years and they know it like its their backyard. We cant shut a motor down in grass or a riffle.  This river is shallow and rocky and now with the drought the grass limits where we can run. I just want and ask that everybody on the river have a little respect for the guy behind you.  Too many times I have been in a tight spot, knowing I cant shut it down without ripping my boat or motor up just to have a swimmer, canoer, kayaker, or paddle boarder not make an attempt to move out of the only path I can go. Motors are loud. People can here us coming from a quarter mile or better. That is the only warning we can give them because of the twist and turns the river makes.  When I can safely shut down to not wake people I will, but there are times that the river does not allow that to happen. I am happy to see so many people get on this river. It has always been under utilized. Just take a little time and think about the people around you while on the river whether you are floating or driving a boat. Its a lot safer if we all look out for each other.


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