Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yes, it's still legal to hunt in Texas

Tree huggers have cost me the day lease of one of my bow hunting spots. I have been harassed time and time again on that tract by adjoining landowners. So if you want to bow hunt, come now. I have about 10 days left. The last time I checked it’s still legal to hunt and fish in Texas.

Support your NRA. Support your game wardens and any other group that has anything to do with hunting and fishing. FYI. Hunters harassment act. You can use it if you are being harassed. I have a copy of the statute for any of you that want to read it. Our local game warden in Bastrop county has been very supportive of me and what I am doing. I am very grateful for that.

The ducks are moving in. It’s time to go get ‘em.

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