Saturday, November 10, 2012

Now, for a positive post

I have been on the river the past two days. The quality fish have backed off the bank and are hanging on structure in water beyond 4 ft.  The water current and big rocks are key. That can be hard to find right now but it does exist, and where you find it you will find the spotted bass in numbers and quality. We had about 100 head today with about 6 fish between 3 and 5 lbs. Most of the good fish are coming off a crawfish colored jig and a few good fish came from a 6-10 ft. diving crawfish colored crankbait. The jig bite is not aggressive. I had several fish tap it like perch only to realize I had a 4 lb’er, when I set the hook.

The river is very dangerous right now due to low water conditions. I would not even try to run a motor with a prop on it right now. It won’t come back in one piece. If you don’t know the stretch you to fish extremely well, don’t try it.
Ducks are moving in, but are not stacked up yet. Bucks are hot and heavy on doe in this county right now. I had two pairs of bald eagles show up sometime within the last few days on the river. They are truly a sight to see. Stay tuned.

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