Monday, March 4, 2013

Good day with good people

About two months ago I donated a river trip to the SCI event in Austin.  Natahn Nelson bought this trip for more than it was worth. I dont know Nathan and have only talked to him by phone and email. But I did talk to Rick Welch about Natahn Nelson. Rick is head of the SCI chapter in Austin. Nathan has heart and mind that we should all follow. His goal from what I can tell is to help soldiers wounded or not,vets,firemen and policemen to be financially able to experience the outdoors in ways most people dont. Nathan  generously donates fishing and hunting trips to the people that give their lives everyday to protect you and me.  Nathan obviously understands what the outdoors does for the soul, and he from what I understand is one of the most deserving people in this country.  He bought my river trip and gave it to two deserving men. Their names were Trevor and Jeremy.  We fished today for about 6.5 hours. The morning was slow as I told them it would be. But by 1 o ' clock the bite picked up and Trevor and Jeremy began whoopin on the big spots.  We had about 45 head and Jeremy finished the day with a solid 5 Lber. We released all the big blacks and kept a limit of spots as they are so yummy in yo tummy.  Fishing is good right now, but when the spawn is over and it gets stinky hot, it will get silly.  You need to brave the heat and come with me because those 100 fish days are staring us in the face.  Heat makes fish go to cover and the topwater bite is on. But a big Texas rig in deep cover can make your heart dance that time of year.


PS   Put a kid in the outdoors and make this world a better place

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