Friday, May 16, 2014

2nd annual Big Fish River Tourney May 30- June 1

May 30,31, and June 1 is the second annual Colorado River Big Fish Tourney.  Six Categories

1 Yellow cat
2 Channel cat
3 Black bass
4 Spotted bass
5 River Perch
6 Gasper Goo

You may enter as many or as few categories as you wish  $40.00  per category.  You can start fishing at 5 pm May 30 and this tourney ends June 1 at noon. I will have scales open from 10 to noon on Saturday the 31 st and from 10 to noon on Sunday June 1.  All fish must be caught by hook and line.  No trapping No hand fishing. All TPWD laws and regulations must be followed. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Kayak teams welcome, but you must stay within sight of your partner.  A team is as few as one person or as many as your boat can legally handle. We will except dead fish. I have been around a while. Don't bring me some 5 day old bloated decaying crap.  You will get disqualified.  The heaviest fish in each category will win all the prize money entered into that category. Boundaries  FM 973 bridge in east Austin to the I 10 bridge in Columbus.  This deal is pretty much on the honor system. We don't like or want cheaters and are pretty damn good at sniffing them out. I don't make anything from running these deals.  I actually loose a little money putting these things on. I just like to see good fish caught on a competitive level, and our river is very under utilized. For questions or paying entries email call text or facebook me.

Bob   Fish hard  and Live Long

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