Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14 Lake and river update

Colorado river in Bastrop----- Last Thursday I had a river trip, and we went up river 12 miles. Clarity was just average. However, the crankbait bite was slamming good. The grasshoppers are mature, and the fish no it and are feeding on therm. Small yellow bellied square bill cranks is what they want now. We had 111 fish in 7 hours.  This bite will remain strong as long as we don't have substantial rain to muddy the water.

Lake Bastrop----- Schooling activity is picking up everyday. Don't waste your time beating the bank. Grab a spoon, small crank bait, or small Alabama rig and go offshore. Lately the fish seem to be up for an hour or two and then they are done. But with each passing 90 Plus degree day this activity will increase. My half day trips on the river or the lake can be very productive this time of year.

PS    I have tons of pigs for any of you that like to hunt them.


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