Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fish---- Deer----Pigs

Right now we are getting a good soaking rain. River will muddy and rise for sure   Channel cat will be on fire during the rise.

Lake Bastrop fish are schooling better everyday. They are a bit finicky on what they will eat, but I have the bait.

Axis---- Our axis will be ready to be harvested by bow or rifle by December at the latest

White tail--- Bow season is my favorite. Nothing like pulling them in stupid close for a good shot. Lord I have the animals.  Most of what I have is a meat hunt, but you cant beat my prices compared to anything else that has the success rate that my hunters have. Opening weekend will be booked  by August. So call now if you want a spot.

Pigs---  I got them thick. I feed them into two spots we sit in the brush and ambush them. Sometimes they ambush us. Makes for a real good time and damn good eating


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