Sunday, February 24, 2013

River update

The weather has these fish confused. It wont stay warm enough to make them bed in numbers  and the cold spells we are getting are holding back the inevitable. With that said each day has been hit and miss on the river. Yesterday was very slow. We had high pressure and a big sun. Today it warmed up a bit and late in the day we did good, but starting out it was slow, because  the water was cool from last night.  The fish I see are about to explode.  Their sacks are fully mature and they will bed up and spawn regardless of the weather very soon, which will make it tougher than normal on the river for catching numbers. If we could just have a week of solid  warm weather these girls will do what they do this time of year and then head to cover. I am ready for this spawn to come and go because it is dragging on and on with the weather. When the spawn is over they will head to cover and be very predictable.


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