Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4/13 River update

Much needed rain muddied the river up and brought it up  3ft over night. And we really needed this rain to flush the river out. The snot grass was getting out of hand fast and this little rise should have washed most of it out. I did set out 11 perch in the middle of the rise only to have the snot grass that was being ripped up cover my lines. Typically a rise like this the catfish go crazy and feed like they are on a Dennys buffet line, but the amount of grass that was being washed down made it impossible to keep a bait out of it. Oh Well, at least the grass is headed down stream to Matagorda. Spring Turkey season is open. I will be out of town at a wedding from late today until Saturday evening. The gobblers are active, chasing and in the right mood.


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