Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slamming yellwcat trip

Friday ,I had Mike Riveira in from Austin. He loves yellowcat meat and wanted to take a trip with me. The water was stained a bit. We had a small influx of water from Austin , and we had a very small moon. Right now the yellows are feeding up hard preparing to spawn. We caught the conditions right and absolutely whacked the big yellowcats. Friday night into Saturday morning, we had 11 yellows that weighed in at a combined weight of 200 lbs. Mike had a blast, and my helper was very busy pulling up lines as Mike netted them. We had yellowcats of 36,32,30 and four more over 20 lbs on this trip. This was an unusually heavy trip. I would tell most people to expect about 6 yellows in a night of fishing. Some nights a little better some slower. However, Friday night the big ones were out in force, and we sacked em up


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