Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3 Fish River Tourney

I hold and run most all of the river tourneys below Austin on the Colorado river.  I do not take anything from those tourneys. I put all funds paid in to pay out. When I feed the fishermen it is because I wanted too. It comes out of my pocket.  We have a 3 three fish bass tourney this weekend on the river.     6 boats required to have it.. 6-9 boats we pay one place 10 boats or more we pay two places   $50 a team $10 big bass optional pays 1 place.   We have 4-5 teams right now. We do accept Kayak teams, and they have done very well in past tournaments.   So if you want to fish, call or email now.

    If you aint in the outdoors or trying to put a kid outdoors you aint helping the outdoors


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