Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lake Bastrop Monday nighter

Ok   After loosing the people that agreed to run the Monday nighter on Lake Bastrop , a group of us got together and came up with some ideas to make the Lake Bastrop Monday nighter better for everybody. This is a weekly tourney as there are weekly tourneys on every lake in Texas. We will start this next Monday with a new set of rules. Instead of your best five keepers, we will weigh your best three keepers  or best two and one over. This should stack the weights tight. All fish will be measured by TPWD standards. That is gently pinching the tale with a swipe. If it touches 14 it will not count and you may not replace it with another fish.  No more pinching it so hard to make it touch. No more laying it on the board with no pinch.  Another words you can weigh three fish max. The big bass pot will roll over until an over 21 is caught and wins the pot. Pre fishing is allowed as it is allowed on every weekly tourney on any lake in the state. Thats why we check live wells. Hope to see yall out there.


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