Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kids and fishing

Sometimes we all get caught up in fishing hard. It may be tournaments. It may be catfish or Crappie.  Who taught us how to fish?  Dads!    I had a young man with me last weekend that is just flat eaten up with fishing, not because of his dad. His dad is a good ferind of mine. He simply doesnt do the outdoors, but his son loves it. So I took him out on the river. It was slow. we had about 18 small fish in a couple hours.  So we loaded the river boat up and met Rick Zamora from Krippled Kritters bait company on Lake Bastrop.     This young man hooked up on three big slot fish and the game in his mind has changed.  I remember that day, the day fishing landed on my brain.  I wish more anglers would simply take the time to take a child out and show them the outdoors.   One hookup on a 2lb bass and an 8 year old boy is hooked for life. You will do more for our sport by putting kids into it than by promoting anything else.


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