Monday, July 15, 2013

River drowning

While I was in Matagorda taking some time off, I got a call that a young man fro Lockhart drowned in the river. I dont know all the circumstances around how this young man drowned, but its becoming a frequent occurrence on the river. I see kids jumping off the dirt cliffs between my place and fishermans park all the time. The river is low and when you jump from a 20 ft cliff into this river you are asking for trouble.  No life jackets are the biggest reason people drown out here. Current and grass can be a bad situation for anyone to get into, and this river has plenty of both. People get tangled in the grass and panic sets in. Panic will drown you.

Enough bad stuff. I had a ton of fun in Matagorda. Fishing was just fair, but it was nice to get away. Much needed rains have set in. The river will surely get muddy in the next few days, which will end the bass fishing for a short while, but make the catfishing excellent.


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