Sunday, July 21, 2013

River and lake comments

The grass in this river is beyond anything I have ever seen. It is changing the flow of the river. Its changing the way i fish the river. I am told that LCRA is looking at the grass issue hard and what to do about it, but like any governmenatl agency there will be no quick fix much less a timely fix. We need a flood to open this river up.  Thats not likely either.  It did come up a bit with the rain we had, but I noticed the water from the creeks took 12-18 hours longer to get here. This is due to the grass. Its so bad that it is almost damming the water up in places

Lake Bastrop         The schoolies are up, and they are a ton of fun to catch. This is a great time to bring the kids out or beginners to catch numbers. These fish are pushing shad to the surface and they will absolutley blow the surface up. It wont last forever so call me now for a really good exciting fun trip.


Putting a kid in the water or in the woods does more for society than any governmental agency we have

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