Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14/13 Outdoor update

Wow  We needed the rain and the river took a huge flushing. Its no secret we have the biggest cold front so far approaching now. The front should hit this evening between 7-8 PM with the wind turning to the north and very heavy rain forecast. Behind the front we will see lows in the low 50's and a high Wednesday in the low 60's.  My best guess is that we will begin to see some early rutting activity behind this front. Moisture and cool temps usually turn them on. So far this season has been slow, but the quality has been good. I expect several animals to be taken with hunters in Wednesday and all weekend.  Dont forget about duck season. This river is a sleeper. It draws the birds in every year. As soon as the river drops and clears I will be checking all the spots I duck hunt and start  brushing blinds in.


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