Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/13/13 River update

Very heavy over night rains in central and south Austin have caused major creek flooding in those areas. Barton creek is expected to crest above the 15 ft. mark which is higher than the 1981 memorial day flood mark. Onion creek is 6.5 ft above flood stage now and rising. Bull creek is at or above flood stage. The Colorado river at the Hwy 183 bridge is currently at 29.98 and rising. LCRA has just issued its forecasts for the crest on the river in Bastrop at 15 ft. tomorrow morning barring no more rain. It's still raining here hard. LCRA has never been able to forecast what Wilbarger and Big Sandy will contribute to the flow of the river because they dont have the gauges available. After living on this river all my life I believe the river in Bastrop will crest somewhere between 17 and 21 ft. tomorrow morning. This will cause some minor flooding of low lying areas onlong the river. This can change with additional rain, and I will update this post after LCRA comes out with their 11 am forecast, and after I get good rainfall totals on Wilbarger and Big Sandy.  Too bad all this rain didnt land in the Lake Travis and Buchannan water sheds.


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