Thursday, October 10, 2013

Outdoor update

The river below austin caught some good rain and rose about 6.5 feet a week ago. This really flushed the river good. Almost all the Hyacinths and about half the duck weed went down stream. There is still plenty of duck weed for duck season, and the birds have just started to show up, tho the majority of our birds wont be until the second duck season starts. The river is now low and clearing fast. The black and spotted bass should be biting really good. Big rain expected this weekend may muddy the river and slow the bass fishing down. Bow season started very slow with heavy rain over opening weekend which also gave these deer a good browse to work on instead of corn. In the last few days the deer seem to have gotten their fill of rye and other sweet grasses and are back on the corn. If you have oak trees, you still have an acorn problem. Time and moisture will cure that problem. We had a really nice 11 point with a 3 inch drop tine taken yesterday evening. My bow hunts are mainly a meat hunt, but I do have some very nice antlers to be had. I now post most of my pics on Facebook.


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