Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/08/14 River update

River through Bastrop is still a bit stained. Hot daytime temps have pushed the bass very tight to cover.  We are stillcatching good numbers and quality, but you have to have some good pitching and flipping skills if you want to catch these river fish right now.  Fished Webberville and up yesterday. We had 30 fish up to 5 lbs, but we worked very hard to catch what we had.

Lake Bastrop--- Fish are very close to schooling and most have moved offshore. I here a lot of guys saying," What happened to the bite"   The bite is still there. Most fishermen wont follow the fish. They get stuck in the rut of this worked last time so it will work this time.  Wrong.   Water temp on Lake Bastrop dictates what the shad do which dictates what the fish will do. Current surface temp is 90 degrees, and that is the number that will push the shad off the grass and the fish will follow. A good guide with good electronics van put you on them

Fish Hard 


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