Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jet drives and Grass

Anybody that has had a jet drive motor understands that grass is a huge problem. Jet drives suck grass in, and  you loose power.  Some say take the grates off. This works well for a short time. When your grates are off the impeller chews the grass up and spits it out. However, with the grates off the motor can suck rocks and other debris in that can badly damage your impeller and scar the housing to a point you loose performance.

After talking with several mechanics and a lot of different guys that run jets in grass, I may have found a solution.  I took the grates off my jet foot. Then I put them on a grinder, and finally on a knife sharpener. Instead of putting all 9 blades back in, I only put 3. I was totally surprised how well it did in big mats of grass.  The sharp edge on the blades helped break the grass down before it got to the impeller, which in turn made it much easier for the impeller  to chew and spit it out. I am now able to run long stretches of matted grass without loosing power.

Give it atry. You wont be disappointed


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