Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fish fillets

One thing I wanted to add to my last post. I heard that some fisherman got an earful for a picture of a bunch of fish he had obviously killed on Lake Austin. I have to believe that the fisherman fillet them and ate them. There is nothing wrong with that. And for anyone who says there is you havnt eaten my fried fish. I do cut a limit of spots as often as I can. They have all but over taken the river. Our blacks have made a decent comeback. I catch about 70/30 spots to blacks. I do not cut any blacks, as I believe they will thrive if given a chance. Obviously they get much larger and we are catching a few of them in the 7-10lb range lately  TPWD has given us no minimum length on spots but you can only have 5.  We have a 14 inch minimum on blacks with a 5 fish limit blacks and spotted combined. I wish TPWD would up the limit on spots to 10 with a 12 inch minimum, at least for the Colorado river because we have such a prolific population of them


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