Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pre spawn vs Spawn on the river

The majority of our river fish have not yet spawned. They are really close and you will see a few bedded up. 90% of what I am catching have mature egg sacks in them. These fish want to bed up, and they will regardless of the weather in time.  If we could get a 3-4 day span of 75 + degree daytime temps and lows in the high 50's to 60's, there will be bedded fish all over the river. Two days ago I had a slow afternoon with only about 25 caught, but had 30 degree low temp the night before. The next day it was warm and that night wasnt as cold as the night before.We then caught 60. Weather and mainly temperature plays a huge roll in what these fish will do in this transition period. When the spawn ends these fish will move to cover, and as summer approaches crazy numbers can be caught.  Fishing will be great from now until October, barring some huge rain event that muddies the river up

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