Sunday, February 17, 2013

River fish are still posted up to spawn

We spent about 5 hours on the water today above Bastrop. It was a bit slower than normal, but we did have 25 mph winds, and these cold night time temps are holding these girls back from exploding on their beds. We had about 60 head, and we had a dozen or so between 3-4 lbs. The wind made the spinnerbait bite decent. However, we caught em on brush hogs, weightless sinkos if you could keep it down, small crankbaits, and jerkbaits. Most fish seem to be loaded and ready to let nature take its course. The weather has held them back,but I really believe cold or hot there are too many females ready to do the deed that the majority of the river spawn will happen in the next few days to weeks. We have been seeing a few bedded fish over the last ten days, and have caught some very nice fat females in the 5-8 lb range.  Afternoon trips are the best time to go.


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