Monday, August 18, 2014

2014/2015 upcoming archery only season day bow hunts

Day bow hunts Bastrop county.  My stands My corn. I put you in I pick you up and help you find your animal. $50 sit fee for morning hunt and $50 sit fee for evening hunt. Doe $200 kill fee. Un branched buck $400.  Legal buck up to 130 B&C  $750  up to 139 B&C  $1000  up to 149 B&C $1500 Anything  at or beyond 150 B&C $2,000. I will score all bucks and all scores are gross. Most of my hunts are 2-3 hours. Most stands are ladder stands. I have a few chain on stands that go in tight places. I will clean your kill if you want me too.

My deer counts are done and as of this post I am mailing them into TPWD for doe tags

By December I will have axis doe available by bow or rifle. Doe are $400.

Pig hunts available year round. $100 to go and $25 a pig  Need 3 days notice minimum

All ranches are located in Bastrop county


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