Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outdoor Update08/07/14


Getting married to the best woman in the world this Saturday. That explains the lack of my blogging.  I cant wait.

I am very excited about the upcoming dove and archery only season. I have several ranches loaded with game for this year. Dove season opens September 1, which is a Monday and Memorial day. As of this post I do have some open spots for opening day.The second weekend is booked full. I charge $40 a gun. You cant beat that price anywhere.

Bow season opens September 27. My stands My corn  I put you in  I pick you up  I help you find your kill and help you clean it if you like. $50 sit fee.  Kill fee on all animals. Doe are$250 and bucks start at $400 and go up.  Pigs are $50 a piece and lord I have them. I have three ranches that I will offer rifle hunts on for bucks only as this county has antler restrictions and doe can only be taken in the archery only season unless TPWD grants me some MLD tags for doe.

Deer---  Best fawn crop I have seen in 10 years. I have seen more twins than you can shake a stick at. Almost every mature doe has a little one with her

Fish---  Lake Bastrop bass are schooling hard and will continue as long as the hot weather and bait hold up.

Colorado River---  Most fisherman are struggling  Hot weather and  shallow water is tough unless you can cast to cover. I am still catching big numbers on top water and square bill crank baits with yellow bodies. This river trip is tons of fun. My river and lake trip half days are $300. I provide everything including water and cold fried chicken.

If you want to experience the outdoors I have it and can put you on it


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