Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15 River update as I see it

LCRA released water a few days ago with several intentions.  Flush the river out below Austin, preserve the ecology of the river and send fresh water down to Matagorda east and west bays. Water is here and Matagorda's bays will see some relief because of it. However, the relase of water wasnt nearly enough to flush the river out. I just posted another video on Facebook to show the problem I see. Hyacinths are floating everywhere, but a lot of them are simply hanging up on the banks, limbs, and log jams, creating huge piles of them. The duck weed has gone untouched. None of it has broken loose. LCRA has brought the river up about 2 ft in Bastrop, which is a joke if they actually had intentions of flushing the river out. All they have done is create a much bigger mess. I know water is in short supply, especially in central Texas, and letting any water out of Travis is not good, but LCRA made this decision not me. I just wish they had done it right instead of just spreading all this crap around.


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