Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Desperate Need For Water

This prolonged drought we are in is really starting to show its teeth.  Lakes Travis and Buchannan are close to hitting all time lows with no relief in sight and central Texas growing rapidly. This afternoon LCRA discussed the possibility of releasing more water out of Travis to sustain the rivers ecosystem below Austin and sustain the ecosystem in Matagorda's bays where the river empties into. I think TCEQ is playing a big role in LCRA's decision.

I do not believe the average person has any idea of how bad things would be if Buchannan and Travis dried up, but on the flip side the river below Austin is as bad as its ever been. So ,  what do we do. Save the water for upstream users or let it go to save our river and bays downstream. My opinion does not matter. Never has Never will.   The only thing I can say is everybody better pray that mother nature unleashes a TEXAS size flood real soon.


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