Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upcoming 2013/2014 Bow season

My stands are up and I am feeding and watching. My doe numbers look good and I have seen 9 shooter bucks, 3 of which are real good and one of them is a big nasty freak. I have 1 maybe two spots open for opening weekend. I dont know of anybody that can beat what I offer  for the price I charge.

My doves have been beat up. Most of the local birds have been thinned out. Bird hunting will be slow until we get several cold fronts in to bring some northern birds down.

Duck season should be slamming good this year. Grass everywhere and the birds love it. Grass is so bad it has chewed up my impellar and the housing. Going to stainless steal on the next one.

Get ready for stickin time


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