Friday, September 20, 2013

River and rain

As we all know its raining and it couldnt have come at a better time. As of this post the hillcountry has seen the brunt of the rain with wide spread4-7 inch totals so far. Looks like there is a lot more coming. This is Texas, and it seems the only way we can break a drought is with a flood. So let it flood. Hopefully we will get some 3-5 inch totals east of the interstate before this rain event is over. This rain will do me some good. It will make the winter grasses grow and give the deer an excellent browse. It will flush the river out correctly, not like the poor attempt LCRA made earlier this week. This week front that is coming in now has moved some birds down as well. While feeding bow stands yesterday I noticed a good number more birds, and several large groups of white wing. I bird hunt the same tract I bow hunt. So for you bird hunters, you will have to wait until my bow hunts slow down.

Let it rain rain rain


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