Thursday, September 12, 2013

Water is coming

The verdict is in. LCRA  will release water out of Travis and Buchannan to save the ecology of the river below Austin and to keep the bays in Matagorda in check.  Yes it will drop those lakes at a faster rate. But this needed to happen bad. Tubers and canoers are discouraged to float our river. The locals cant or dont want to fight the grass to fish. It has truly changed the river as we know it. It has hurt my business bad.

I dont have all the info I need to make this post exactly correct.  However, from what I am told LCRA will release enough water to push the level in Bastrop to bank full for 5 days at a time. Bank full is 14 ft.  We currently sit at 2.85 ft. Simple math says we are looking at an 11 ft plus rise next week. If you live on the river, you better pull your crap up a bit or it will be gone. My biggest worry now is with the amount of grass we have and knowing the amount of water LCRA is sending down stream, will we have a major log jam in the river. I think thats very possible. Time will tell.  Again I have to say I am always here to pull people off the river that are in trouble. Yes it will cost you. But I can get to you 24/7 within 30 miles of Bastrop either way  512 718 4516. I am a lot faster and a lot cheaper than calling LCRA rangers or game wardens. This rise will catch a ton of people off guard, because nobody pays attention to river conditions.

PS   Been watching deer and bow season looks real good.  Just because you cant make opening weekend, doesnt mean I cant put you on a kill. I have tons of animals. Hunt with me two days, and if you havnt slung an arrow you hunt free the 3 rd day.


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