Sunday, June 9, 2013

Noodling Colorado river style

I dont get many takers for grabbing fish. In fact most of my freinds are scared to try it. Some people think that noodling is bad for the fish, because they believe noodlers take too many fish out of the ecosystem. That is far from the truth. Its much easier to catch numbers on a line than with your hand. I do have a couple guys from Houston coming in late June to try it. Today I am taking a couple freinds out to feel in the rocks and see what we can grab. Our fish usually hole up under the bank, but because the river is low, I expect to find them under rocks. Rocks are much safer to feel under than the bank. The bank has beavers, snakes,eels, and man size crawfish. Rocks dont tend to draw those critters in as much and is a safer way to noodle. Will report back tonight hopefully with some good pics.


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