Sunday, June 16, 2013

River, Lake and Woods

Had a trip on Lake Bastrop Saturday. Good numbers were caught, and my client was a ton of fun to fish with.

The Colorado river in Bastrop remains off colored which makes the bass fishing tougher and slower. The grass has absolutely exploded. It is matted to the surface for a quarter mile at Steiner ranch. I had to take the grates off my jet foot just to get around the river.

The grasshoppers are almost mature, and I am sure the channel cat are already gorging themselves. If you want to fill the freezer, call and book a channel cat or yellowcat trip

I am working on leasing another large tract of land on the river for bow season. I was on this tract years ago and it is loaded with deer and hogs. I'll update the progress of that tract as we get closer to bow season.

For you pig hunters, I have several options. I have guys with dogs that will bay the pigs and you can go in and stick em with a knife. No guns allowed with dogs. We end up with more dead dogs than pigs.  I also have several tracts that I bait and shoot them under a red light. I also have a couple feeders that pigs can be taken off of. I do need some notice on pig hunts.


PS  Look in my gallery. Just posted a pic of a mammoth crawfish that I trapped in the river

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