Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whats hot right now

People always aske me what is good right now. Mother nature can change what is good within a day. The current river flow will make bass fishing tough for the average angler. I would only reccomend a bass fishing trip to very seasoned anglers that can pitch flip and cast to a bowl on cover.  If you want fun and meat, I would reccomend a night time yellowcat trip or channel cat trip.  Grass hoppers are mature and the channels will be on them hard. Moon is on its way down and yellowcat will start feeding hard again. I will be on yellows this weekend and will report back.  I did fish the two days before the Strawberry moon that we just past and it was horrible. I got skunked on night one and had three on night two. Biggest weighed 23 lbs. Moon, weather, and water level play a huge factor in what these fish do and when they do it. Catfish are what will be hot for a few weeks, but it is a nightime thing


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