Wednesday, June 12, 2013

River and water level

I had the chance to sit down with an LCRA board director yesterday and get some questions answered. I dont think the general public is aware of how dire the situation is on Lake Travis and Lake Buchannon. Both those lakes are at a combined  38% capacity. It would take multiple tropical systems to fill them up. Both those lakes are the main water storage for all of central Texas. 

LCRA did shut the water off for the Blue Sucker at the  end of May. However, I noticed the river did not go down to what I consider low flow. River remained about 6 inches above low flow. I asked this LCRA director what was causing the river to stay up just a bit.  There are a handful of rice farmers in the Garwood area that have water rights that pre date LCRA's existence by one day. By law LCRA has to give that handful of rice farmers their water, and that is the small influx of water we see in the river. As the rice farming season ends LCRA will shut it off and the river in Bastrop will be as low as it can get.

River is clearing a bit everyday and the bass fishing will get better and better as it does clear.  The hole fishing will be tough until the river hits rock bottom low in August or September.


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  1. Hope we get lots of rain in August & September


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